CLO is not just a brand, it is a word that defines a lifestyle that we would like to introduce to. It’s about looking at the things we live with from another perspective, from the angle of consciousness.

CLO empathizes with statements like “if you like something a lot, and you feel it’s good for you, make it yours”. These “things”, that “something”, so generic and so universal, make sense because they refer to what surrounds us, or better yet, everything around us. If we propose ourselves to approach in a more sensitive way to fashion, jewelry, scents, spaces, art, books… We’ll conclude that this whole universe besides liking us for its aesthetics also fascinates us by everything in it, by many wonderful connected emotions.

If someone asked you to choose something that makes you feel good, it might not be easy. Not because you don’t know it, but because what really answers that question is a universe of things that somehow come into your life endowed with a special beauty, not only for their aesthetics, but for the emotions they enclose.
Wall made by CLO artists Fran Arrojo de Lamo y Marta de la Rocha

CLO is a creative universe that gives physical shape to the most beautiful emotions that inhabit us and reach their maximum expression when they connect.

They come from the creativity of designers, the know-how of craftsmen, the passion of the artist, the talent of the writer and the sensitivity of which approaches CLO attracted by all of it and decides to incorporate it into its increasingly coherent and luminous world.

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CLO has a central point that serves as a hub for the best energies emanating from talents who, as in a great mandala, intertwine with each other to result in a beautiful, pure and powerfully attractive universe.

CLO understands that luxury arises from the exclusivity of things, made according to the principles of excellence and good work, garments are limited although there are iconic pieces made by following the same process, whose strength grows when it is incorporated into the personal universes of the one who acquires them.

CLO loves Nature and pays respect for life, for people, for the time needed to create…just as living being needs his life-developing time, so does our products, because believe it or not, they carry essential emotions in their  DNA so that they can “be” and have emerged during their creative process that has lasted what honestly had to last.


If you’re attracted both aesthetical and emotionally by CLO and your creatives talents could connect with ours. We will be happy to hear from you. Tell us something about you; things you like, colors that favor you, the scent you love, flavors, textures, etc. Email us to

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We want to know you better: Tell us about the things you like, the colors that suit you better, the scents, the flavors, and the textures you love.


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